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Experts Say Your Dog Needs 30-120 minutes Of Daily Vigorous Exercise..Do You Provide This?? 

What If I Walk My Dog Outside (Sometimes) ?

Try to be extremely honest with yourself. Do you elevate your dog's heart rate for prolonged periods EVERY DAY? Do you get your dog's heart rate up with vigorous exercise for at least 30-120 minutes DAILY? The vast majority of dog owners do not fix this problem.

   We are willing to bet you and your dog need help.  You are busy, the weather is terrible, you don't have the energy today, your dog doesn't like the hills or terrain, walking by the street is dangerous, and on and on. These problems disappear when your dog exercises in your home. Watch as your dog lives healthier, remains calmer, and you have more time to yourself.

Daily vigorous exercise outside is an unwanted burden..there is a better way

Can't My Dog Use My Old Treadmill?

There are some real horror stories of people risking their dogs safety on a human treadmill. There are terrible consequences.

Dogs limbs can get maimed outside or under the tread on human treadmills (our tread and treadmills are designed for dogs). Dogs can destroy the electronics and motor functions of a human treadmill. Remember the possible hair, slobber, urine that could land on your human treadmill.  Dog treadmills have electric components separate from tread to prevent any damage. Dog Treadmills also have the console facing out in a convenient location..with a remote as an added safety bonus. 

I refuse To risk my dogs (Or my Own) safety..I want to do this safely

What Are The Products And Warranties Like?

We are an authorized GoPet Dealer.  GoPet recently acquired PetRun , to give you 2 long standing quality companies. The products come from the USA fast and free.  We proudly offer a 30 day money back guarantee with a 1 year warranty. . Please be careful about other brands, there are many copycats out there.

I Want a quality product, a good return policy, and a solid warranty

What If My Dog Won't Use It?

We hear this a lot.  We will make the following bold statement.. EVERY DOG CAN BE TRAINED TO USE WHAT YOU BUY.  Think about the origins of a dog, in the wild it would travel miles.

Your dog is confined (probably daily) waiting for the privilege of exercising, Just start slowly and introduce with treats, and increase elevation and speed with time.  Watch our videos to get started. Dogs love to move on the treadmill, and with the treadwheels they can do it  all day BY THEMSELVES.

I am tired of not providing what my dog needs

How would this make my life easier?

 After your dog understands your equipment, you really get loads of benefits. No more guilt because you can't walk (that didn't do much anyway) outside. Get dinner ready, have breakfast, check emails, all while your dog gets the exercise they need.

The weather won't matter, time won't be a problem, and you have solved a big problem.  You can get a routine, develop goals with your dog, increase your dog's stamina and strength, and help your senior dog prevent debilitating arthritis. 

I really want to simplify my life

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The fact is though that you probably lead a busy work and personal life during the day, while your dog is sitting and waiting to exercise.  You may not have the time, energy, or weather to walk outside. When you put in the small amount of effort into treadmill training your dog, you will see will a massive difference in your dog’s health and emotional wellbeing.


    A Dog Exercise Treadmill isn’t the only answer to what your dog needs.  We also carry the Dog Exercise Wheel, which are perfect for an area with no access to electricity or if you want your dog to control their own pace.  The cost begins at several hundred dollars for our products, which is much less that a human treadmill (which can be very dangerous for dogs).  We always encourage our customers to use Paypal Credit for No Money Down and Easy Monthly Payments.  You will see a reminder for this great option when adding your treadmill to your store cart.  We would love to hear from you before or after the sale with any questions or comments.