Dog In A Hot Car Reality Check

   Have You Ever Left Your Dog In A Hot Car?


     When you think of an NFL player, many think tough.  The kind of person that is conditioned, and able to handle just about any demanding weather.  The reality of a hot car and what it can do to humans is perfectly shown by this NFL Player. This athlete and PETA member has sacrificed his own safety to show you what locking your dog in a hot car can do.  

  This video shows an occurrence that is much too common for dogs.  The temperature 90 degrees, with a relatively short time in a locked car.  This could easily happen when running for errands on a hot day.  The video above also shows how little "cracking the window" can really help your dog. The results are absolutely shocking.

What You Can Learn From This

  • After 2 Minutes  = 97 Degrees Fahrenheit

   This NFL player is noticeably struggling almost immediately. Cooling himself is already difficult, and having nowhere to move makes the situation worse.  The temperature rises rapidly with every passing minute.

  • After 4 Minutes = 105 Degrees Fahrenheit
    Notice how this man is talking less, and starting to contemplate giving up and leaving the car.  He is trapped in the seat, and any movement will make the situation worse.  After just 4 minutes, the heat is causing some major concern with a man.  We shudder to think about the torture this would be for your dog at this point.
  • After 8 Minutes = 120 Degrees Fahrenheit

     This man can't has to quit.  He leaves the car unable to speak, or stand up.  The environment has completely broken him.  


    Dogs have no ability to sweat like this athlete does, which makes this problem so much worse.  When the temperature is above 90 degrees, dogs have no way of cooling themselves.  At 105 degrees your dog will start to experience organ failure. Your car's temperature will reach 120 degrees quickly, even with the windows partially rolled down. Death will come soon after.  

     If you see a dog locked in car call 911.  Stay at the scene until help arrives, you may save a life.