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     If you are an owner of a large breed, you understand well as to how destructive dogs can be. Our hearts go out to you. When your dog is just feeling playful or energetic, items can be broken. If your dog has built up energy from sitting all day, you know how bad that can get.  You possibly have the greatest need for a large dog treadmill. 
     Your purchase could pay for itself. You need to ask yourself, how much did I pay for that couch? What about the carpet? If you could eliminate the risk of absolute destruction of your pricey home furnishings, that would easily cover the cost.  Also, think of the money put into your pets wellness plan and veterinary bills. Those 2 monthly charges could be greatly reduced by a fit healthy dog. A dog that gets plenty of exercise consistently will save you lots of money. We highly encourage you to make a solid training schedule, just like you might make with yourself. If you dog is now overweight, be aggressive in getting them healthy. Start with a slower pace and build to a quicker and more inclined workout. Feel free to get some ideas for a tailor made large dog treadmill workout here.
    Way to go for taking an active interest in giving your dog and consistent daily exercise.  We feel you deserve a big congratulations for taking steps on not being a lazy dog owner.  You can have the piece of mind to never have worry about walking outside or not. Just knowing this will give you the boost to make an exercise schedule for your gopet petrun dog treadmill. If not a schedule, then definitely attainable goals. Just like in your own workout routine, you will be able to perfect your dogs routine for their own perfect results.  Try tweaking the scheduled exercise days per week, establish goals and work to  overcome bad habits on the large dog treadmill.
     The units in this category are known for their high enclosures and long tread.  If you have multiple dogs they all can use a large dog treadmill.  Remember, we do not recommend having your pets use the treadmill at the  same time though. Your dogs might need one on one attention during their training sessions, or have much different conditioning. If using a treadmill in this class to exercise a smaller breed, pay attention to any fear from the small or toy dog breeds. Depending on the dog treadmill size, a large dog treadmill can be intimidating to a smaller breed. The last thing you want to do is bring up problems caused by using human treadmill. 
      Never use a human treadmill for your large dog.  It may be tempting because you might believe your large dog has a similar gate.  We have made a very thorough entry into our buyers guide, to show the many problems that can and will occur.
    We would love to chat with you after your purchase. We plan to offer more products in the future.  This would include a treadwheel for larger dogs, which is similar to a dog powered treadmill. Feel free to send us an email, use our live chat feature, or give us a call.