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Free Shipping On A Discounted Medium Dog Treadmill & Exercise Wheel

Congratulations on your taking more of an interest in your dog's health. 
When you own one of our products you will not be disappointed. Medium dog treadmills on sale are one of the most meaningful purchases you can make. Your dog will benefit from the convenient and consistent exercise that you can give them daily.   
     Before we dive into the major features and differences of the category of medium dog treadmills and treadwheels, let's discuss the idea of putting a dog on a human treadmill. When browsing the internet it seems like many are doing this now or thinking of trying this in the future.  There are many reason against this because of the numerous design problems. Your dog needs to be matched with the right dog treadmill size, not following this could cause the length of the tread being too short for your dog.       
     Dogs need plenty of tread length to move from front to back of the treadmill, especially when getting used to medium dog treadmill training. The side gap between the tread and the treadmill are too wide on a human treadmill, resulting in dangerously dragging your dog's fur or paw into the machine. The human treadmill speed may not match your dogs gate. One speed will do well for a human, but might be extremely fast for a dog. 
There are many other reasons thoroughly explained in our buying guide, if you need more information. 
     We fully support dog exercise, but safety for your dog needs to be your biggest priority. To summarize,  there are some very serious safety concerns when a dog uses a human treadmill. Do not try it. A  medium dog treadmill should only be used when exercising your medium sized dog.  
     The medium dog treadmills listed have all the features you'll need. Gradual speed, incline, and foldability are all standard on treadmills. Treadwheels are a great option for your medium sized dog, just make sure that your dog isn't too long for the curved track. A good rule to follow is allow only a minimum amount of back arching. You will be amazed at how quiet the treadwheels and treadmills really are, and how they are easily portable. This is a big help in finding a spot for storage.  
     We are proud to say that all gopet petrun dog treadmills are made in the USA. Go Pet supplies treadwheels and petrun supplies the medium dog treadmill, but are shipped from the same US location. A generous one year warranty is included after the purchase. We feel that a gopet petrun offer the most value in the treadwheels and the absolute best treadmills for dogs.
     Do not let the dog treadmill cost spook you.  Your dog needs your help with getting enough consistent, daily exercise.  Even if you don't have the money today, you can still own one. Just choose PayPal (you do not need to have any account or history with PayPal) and choose PayPal Credit. You can then split the payments up to 6 months with NO INTEREST. It's like free money to use. 
     We stand by the fact that all dogs can be trained to use these products sometimes just more patience is involved.  We like to include tips on how to explore lots if information to the best way to handle treadmill training for dogs. Also a wide variety of videos can be found on our blog and training library.