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Small Dog Treadmill & Exercise Wheel


      • Make sure your dog is not be over the limits of their treadmill in weight and length.

      • Treadwheels do not need any electricity, and are great for traveling.  Not having to rely on electricity also permits moving your pets routine to a different part of the house.

            • Both small dog treadmills also have gradual settings controls and easy to use low tread heights on the unit themselves.
          • A small dog treadmill and exercise wheel is very quiet, but the exercise wheel is slightly quieter ( you could think of it as a dog powered treadmill). A small dog treadmill has been designed to take into account the vibration and noise of the treadmill to reduce anxiety.


Would a foldable model be beneficial?
     Some models of gopet petrun dog treadmill have the ability to fold for easy storage, and an adjustable incline. If you upgrade to a small/medium dog treadmill, you will have all features. If you're on the fence about either feature,  we recommend just paying the extra money. You and your pet need convenience to put you into the habit of daily exercise


Could my dog benefit from an incline when walking?
      If your dog seems to enjoy walking uphill continuously a treadwheel is a good choice. Most dogs will position themselves in the front of the treadwheel and get great exercise
Do not use a human treadmill for their exercise
Very slow and very fast speeds will not match your dog's typical speed.
The controls on a human treadmill are facing the opposite way of a small dog treadmill
The gaps around the tread could do some serious damage to your dog. For a more thorough explanation why this is such a terrible risk, see our FAQ page.
           If you have more than one dog, always buy the treadmill or treadwheel that will fit the biggest dog.  It's hard to categorize all small dogs in terms of general behaviors.Generally smaller breeds burn through calories quicker and need more exercise than bigger breeds. The best criteria for the amount of exercise your dog needs is their age, health restrictions and breed. 
     Differences vary between a puppy and a disabled senior dog of the same breed. A good rule of thumb is give your dog one hour of exercise per day. Unfortunately, many dog owners do not follow these guidelines. The consequences can be severe to your dog.  Many wonder  "are treadmills good for dogs",  we say not good but great for dogs. According to the American Society For The Prevention of Cruelty To Animals 25 percent of dogs are now considered obese. 
      We have had much personal experience with short haired miniature dachshunds. These fine creatures could were bred to hunt Badgers and love to chase down rabbits, squirrels, or  any other small animal. As puppies your dog's energy supplies are seemingly endless, but unfortunately the same  dog is prone to arthritic joints and spinal pain in their later years. One idea that you must accept is that your dog needs you to help them with an exercise routine. When locked in a kennel or lying down all day (waiting for you to come home) lack of exercise will lead to one problem after another.