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Your Dog Needs Help

    We sincerely thank you for visiting our store.  I always like to know who I am doing business with, and I'm assuming you do to.  My name is James Hunsberger and I am the founder of Dog Treadmill Hill.  My passion for my store started with the passing of my beloved dog Roxie, which I still miss every day.  She sat at home daily while I worked the day away. If had known about the advances in what you could do for Roxie, she could have lived a healthier and possible longer life.  Dog care information would have made her happier. I could have given her a constant source of exercise regardless of our long cold winters here in Minnesota.  A pet loss at home will spur such thoughts. She was a miniature dachshund that  loved to move and would have had a much happier life.  She would have gotten into trouble less, and we all would have been a happier family.  Towards the end of her life she developed first back pain, then spinal separation, and finally paralysis.  It was terrible.  I wasn't able to walk her outside anymore, and didn't know I could move this much needed exercise into our home.  Simply, my dog needed and your dog needs help. The great thing about our products is that the needed exercise solution is inside our home, and can be adjusted to whatever are dogs are dealing with.  I have noticed that as humans we have a special connection with our pets, and when you give what a dog needs to be happy..we are happier too.  I have devoted this site to "outside the box" thinking as to how we can improve the lives of our pets and ourselves. 


Your Dog Needs Help Everyday



     I wanted to showcase the dog treadmill at our store, because many time this piece of equipment is overlooked as an "add on" on other websites.  Daily exercise is absolutely vital for our pets, particularly our dogs. Dogs need help from us to get this done. We need to find more innovative ways to provide it. This will always be our goal.  If you have any suggestions as to how we could improve, please visit our Facebook page and post your comments. We will include a stream of free information there about improving your relationship with your dog,  

   We are also looking to add more brands and products in the future. Right now, we have found the best resources for you to get started but will be adding more options in the future.  We have also thought about the concepts of bringing dog pulling carts and other hard to find items to give you a practical and unconventional way to exercise with your pet.  We understand that bringing a treadmill into your home should only be the beginning.  You dogs needs help and their are many ways for us to help you provide it. We are allowing free shipping for now, but don't wait.  That is something that is available right now, and could leave you in the future. We offer a nice warranty through our manufacturer and proudly offer the lowest prices around.