Indoor Dog Treadmill Contact Info

     We offer many convenient options to talk about your indoor dog treadmill or treadwheel purchase.  First off, many of you use Facebook Messenger in everyday life, so we added it for you here. Just send us a message and a customer service agent will get back to you.  We also like email from customers (our preferred method of contacting you). If those two options above do not work for you, call us. Keep in mind that we offer expanded calling hours to accommodate your busy day. We concentrate our calls back to you from Monday and Tuesday from 6-9 PM central standard time. We offer limited Friday night callbacks from 6-9 PM and limited weekend callbacks from 8 AM to 4 PM. We have found that these are the best times to help you the most, but remember chat and email will solve most indoor dog treadmill and treadwheel issues. We want to help you, contact us soon. Please refer to the following quick dog treadmill for sale lookup table for help.


Facebook Messenger Chat Click Left Bottom of Page  Available Anytime
Email Us support@dogtreadmillhill.com Available Anytime
Call Us 1-800-520-8269

Callback Hours   

Mon-Tue 6-9PM       

Friday 6-9 Limited to staff availability

Sat-Sun 8-4PM   Limited to staff availability




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